Brakes, Hydraulic Actuated

Hydraulic motor brake, hydraulic disc brake, static brake, motor brake, shaft brake, winch brake, wheel motor brake, spring applied brake.

These Hydraulic Disc Brakes are designed for use with heavy duty machinery and off-highway vehicles in the construction, material handling, agriculture, mining, sanitation and timber industries. They are also used in a multitude of other applications such as hydrostatic drive systems.

The Hydraulic Disk Brake is a spring applied brake, hydraulic pressure is required to release the brake. The brake is fail safe. By definition that means it requires hydraulic pressure to release the brake and if the vehicles hydraulic system stops or loses pressure, the brake comes on. Any function that reduces the hydraulic system pressure below the release pressure will apply the brake.

This brake is designed to be a parking brake only. Dynamic braking is not recommended.

The male motor shaft bolts into the female end of the brake and then the male output shaft of the brake becomes the motor shaft.

Compact, simple, reliable, and affordable. bolt on addition to most hydraulic motors on the market. Several mount and shaft options to match standard motor configurations.